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jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

Uno no es ninguno xD

Bueno chicos para los que gustan de variedad, en estos días se sacará una nueva version del androide 18, inclinada desde otro punto de vista en jugabilidad...

Algunas novedades:
- Nueva ropa (ambientada en la saga de cell)
- Nuevas tecnicas implementadas
- Nuevos Fxs
- Distinta jugabilidad
- Idiomas japones y portugues

Aquí una muestra:

5 comentarios:

breakgay dijo...

good people that looks very good, I wish you luck with them, and I want to say more would be good if kame hame ha of goku legend is drawn to the enemy where it in the air (example with goku of bardok). do not get me wrong friends, I am not your fault, on goku legend is a high level, and if you do so I think it would be even better.

I hope there is still a surprise to our friends know that there ..... but things take time ....:)))

"your loyal fan"1234123412341234

breakgay dijo...

I want to apologize kame hame ha of goku can be directed manually: PP What you are number one

kappaz dijo...

where can i find this trunks do futuro ssj2 ? :)

kappaz dijo...

where can i find this trunks do futuro?

breakgay dijo...

i think he its not ready yet:)))