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jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Dgz Works

Seguimos avanzando con mucha motividad, solo he de mostrarles algunos avances respectivos de los chars.
Vegeta Saiyan


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5 comentarios:

velqn dijo...

hi gays i am big fen on dbz mugen im crazy about dbz chars i think your chars is the best in the world very cool .hope cooming soon.god work::))))))))))your are the kings.i am big your fen :))

breakgay dijo...

hi gays :)) can you tell me wen realeases some chars:))i have meny frend and there very like your chars.here have meny fens on mugen gays:)))very like your cell wip hope comming soon :)))))dbz mugen is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)))keep goin gays

breakgay dijo...

hey nachonal i see your dbz sagas select charecter look very cool men,i hope realeases somethink soon.i am the big fen i am from BG:))BAYY

zxcv123456 dijo...

para cuando estarian todos esos personajes

breakgay dijo...

hey gays can you tell me when realeased and-13 look very cool char
and dbz team is the best")))))))))